Mallorca Homeservice


Your swedish/mallorquin personal helping hand!


  Property services, leave your house in our care when you leave the island;


                                      - Regular check up of your house or apartment. Monthly or weekly services.
                                      - Electricity, gas and water installations are inspected, pipes are flushed and plants are watered.

                                      - Monthly reports.

                                      - If renting out your property; hand over keys.


        Other services for making your day smoother and easier when at home;


                                    - Pool Maintenance
                                    - Gardening
                                    - Handyman
                                    - Craftsman

                                    - Cleaning

                                    - Grocery delivery

                                    - Professional Massage

                                    - Companion

                                    - Babysitting

                                    - and more....


    You are WELCOME TO CALL me ; Maria 0034 600852078